Methods and Systems for Providing and Receiving Information For Risk Management in the Field

[2021] FCAFC 223

Repipe Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Patents [2021] FCAFC 223


The invention was seen as involving the provision of notifications in the field with changes of authority being responded to dynamically.  The court held that there was no advance in computer technology that overcame a technical problem. Rather the invention was seen as the deployment of existing computer technology for a useful purpose.  It was stated that the invention was not directed to a technical problem that could be understood to lie in the field of computer technology.

Access control (authority) and health and safety management as shown in Figures 1 to 14 was considered deployment of existing technology. Amendments to the claims were refused.

In order to sustain a software patent in Australia there must be something more than the mere use of existing technology. There must be a technical problem and an advance in computer technology.

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Summary of Findings