Our Practice


 We specialise in patent, trade mark and design matters, including searching, registration and infringement.


Our firm was founded in 2009 after having worked for a number of top-tier patent and trade mark attorney firms in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


We have over 10 years experience in preparing and filing patent and other applications for mechanical, software, electronic and physics-based inventions. We have worked for several top-tier patent attorney firms and have the technical expertise and experience to protect your invention.

Global Protection

We file patent, trade mark and design applications around the world for clients.


We have associations with design and commercialisation experts to take your invention to the next level. Generally, we recommend to clients that they find a mentor to assist with the commercialisation of their invention.

Budgeting and Filing Advice

We will provide you with strategic filing advice and cost flow charts to allow you to budget for your intellectual property portfolio costs.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to take the time necessary to understand the nuances of your invention, provide rock-solid protection, and provide the best strategic, unbiased advice.

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