Commercialisation Advisers

Commercialisation advisers will advise on intellectual property strategy with respect to commercial objectives.

Obtaining commercialisation advice in connection with commercialisation, funding and an ‘intellectual property roadmap is recommended.

Tax Planning

Tax accountants specialising in matters such as the R&D tax concession should be consulted as part of a commercialisation strategy.

Grant Advisers

Grant advisers should be consulted as part of a commercialisation strategy.

Government Programs

Government commercialisation programs should be investigated as part of a commercialisation strategy (See https://business.gov.au/grants-and-programs/entrepreneurs-programme). 


The Institute of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys provides some further information regarding commercialisation (See https://ipta.org.au/community/find-help-commercialisation-invention/)

Sources of Funding

A short summary on various sources of funding is available here.

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