Patent Testimonials

Phil Harman

Technology Analyst – Venture West Enterprises Pty Ltd

I’ve been involved in the patenting process for new inventions, both as an inventor and developer of other inventor’s technologies, for over 20 years.
In my opinion the quality of the advice and services provided by Adam are without parallel. His ability to grasp complex technical concepts and document them in the required formats is simply outstanding.

In the past, due to the technical nature of the inventions I have worked on, I’ve needed to draft much of the patent applications myself. This has not been required when using Adam’s services. The depth and breadth of his technical background has simply required me to explain the principles behind the invention and Adam has been able to progress to the necessary applications from that starting point.

I have also used Adam’s services to investigate existing prior art, either prior to or during the preparation of patent applications. In all cases he has found relevant documents and provided a comprehensive, concise overview of the documents and their implications.

I highly recommend Adam’s services and will most certainly be using them again in the future.

March 2013

Frank Sotzik, PhD

Former University Lecturer

 Adam is a very capable patent attorney who demonstrates the highest standard of professional ethics. In June 2012, Adam filed an Australian standard patent for me and two colleagues. His charges were fair and all costs and patenting options were made clear upfront. Adam was efficient and all necessary guidance was provided. All relevant legal and ethical issues were clarified. In October 2012, Adam was proactive in solving a patent filing dispute which was not our fault. He had suggested a competent intellectual property lawyer who drafted confidentiality agreements, when seeking an overseas business partner for the patented invention. Adam has done all this with great patience and a sense of humour. It has been a pleasure to associate with him and I recommend him to all who require the services of a patent attorney..

Thank you for your assistance, Adam!

March 2013

Dac Thong Bui


 Adam has been very helpful in assisting me in preparing for my PCT application and the Australian application (AU2011308098) which has been accepted without any modification.

US and European patent applications have also been lodged and are undergoing assessment.

Adam showed a great interest in his work as well as provided the extra energy required to ensure the application would pass the application process.

I highly recommend Adam Law to anyone considering applying for a patent.

March 2013

Jonathan Noal

Managing Director at iDeal League

We hired Adam to create some cascading patents around our new social media platform. Adam was great to work with and he immediately saw areas that we needed to protect and put structure around. He also worked hard and quickly to understand additional areas we could create future value from.

We now have a patent that is both thorough and scaleable for future additions.

Adam is also an absolute pleasure to work – he is always available, has great integrity and puts the hours in to get the job done right. He has even provided us with some interesting networking.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Adam and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any start up / technical product that is looking for patent advice.

December 2012

Wayne Phillips

Managing Director Engineering R&D

We are a small family company using our resources to develop machinery for bio dynamic broad acre cereal application. We would like to thank Adam for his professional services and advice.

We have developed new agricultural technology that we are now commercialising. Anybody that has made this kind of commitment will understand the many unknowns and inherent financial risks that need to be navigated along the way. We have found the process very much lightened by Adam’s upfront disclosure of costs and his generosity in allowing an investment of his own time for discussions. Adam has extended his services in introducing us to others specializing in product commercialisation. Adam’s support has allowed us to feel confident and secure with our investments.

August 2011

Trade Mark Testimonials

Paul Cook


I had the pleasure of dealing with Adam recently as he registered my company trademark for our business. Adam has a great understanding of the area and throughout the whole process was completely professional and curtious.

He kept me informed during each stage of the process and made it very simple for me to understand and monitor. He took care of the application from start to finish with little effort required on my part. Needless to say the application was successfully approved and I have no hesitation in recommending Adam Law to anyone who requires his services in the future.

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